Upcoming Forums/Meetings

Board of Education Parent Community Meeting hosted by Trustee Gina Verdibello: February 18, 6-8pm, Dickinson High School Auditorium, Mayor Fulop guest speaker. Bring your questions and concerns. Open to all!

What PTA is doing

On January 28, 2020, Mayor Fulop held a meeting with PTA/PTO Presidents to update us on the school funding crisis. In attendance were Board Trustees President Lorenzo Richardson and Vice President Gina Verdibello, along with Regina Robinson, District Business Administrator. Our district is facing enormous cuts in state aid over the next 5 years, totaling 175 million in total cuts by 2025. It is clear that this will be a difficult hole to fill and the purpose of the meeting was to keep us informed and to discuss possible choices and solutions.

To this end Mayor Fulop shared with us a draft of the Municipal budget (see below) that has no proposed tax increase. We also spent time discussing the BOE’s Forensic Audit (see below). The mayor outlined a three pronged approach that on a high level included: municipal budget cuts, BOE budget cuts, and tax increases. He emphasized that there would be tough choices all around and urged us to share this information with our parents.


Jersey Journal and Hudson News coverage of January 30, 2020 Jersey City Together advocacy action:

In the last ten years, Jersey City Public Schools have gone from almost fully funded to $125 million underfunded each year. The impact of this underfunding has been incredibly concrete -- our leaders have heard repeated stories of lost reading programs, lost counselors, lost crisis intervention teachers & assistant principals, and more than 150 teachers lost.

Jersey City Together's Education Team crunched the numbers and is pressing for $50 million more to be invested in & in support of classrooms next year. Read about the proposal & the reasoning for these numbers here.

CY 2020 Introduced Budget.pdf