Nimbus Grooves

Nimbus Grooves is an after-school program that introduces the basic format, vocabulary, and discipline involved in formal dance training. Instruction is offered in multiple dance styles, including ballet, modern dance, and hip hop, building students’ physical vocabulary and ability. Nimbus Teaching Artists will provide a supportive classroom environment that is creative, fun, and age-appropriate that engages students in the elements of dance. Participants are also engaged in a creation and rehearsal process, guided by a Nimbus teaching artist, to prepare a polished concert dance piece performed for parents and students at the program's culmination.

Computer Programming by Code Advantage

At CodeAdvantage, we inspire them to bring their imaginations to life using the fundamentals of coding and computer programming! Learning to code is similar to learning a language – the earlier, the better.


Calling all young coders who want to learn the basics of coding while exploring different locations around the globe, outer space, and more! Students will design their own short movies and animations using coding skills in Scratch, Jr. Each class offers a new and exciting backdrop where kids can let their imaginations go wild!


Welcome to the World of Witchcraft and wizardry! In this class, students will learn to code while exploring an interactive Harry Potter world in Minecraft! Every class is a new adventure and an opportunity to put coding fundamentals into action. Traveling to Hagrid’s hut, the Quidditch pitch, Privet Drive, Diagon Alley, and beyond, kids will take on quests, fight off some monsters, and cast some magic spells! Join us on this incredible and magical journey! Projects include brewing potions, enchanting items with special abilities, learn Redstone basics.


Please see the more detailed description of these different levels on our website

Tennis by Frank Adinolfe

Our teacher is a former college player (Rutgers Newark HOF) & tennis pro for 20 years.

Learn fundamentals of tennis (e.g. proper grip, forehand, backhand, and volleys), and improve hand/eye coordination and agility. Students will participate in fun drills, challenges, and games to develop and improve their tennis skills.

Cooking by Bambino Chef

Magic in the Kitchen combines culinary adventures, learning activities and unlimited amounts of fun in one pot. Our secret ingredients are: cooking, exploring, learning, laughing and sharing. Learning how to cook is a great way for children to develop social and comprehensive skills, adopt healthy habits for life and indulge their creativity. Budding chefs will sharpen their concentration and leadership skills, build self-confidence and enhance their biggest and toothiest smiles.

Art by Tony Nogueira

Cordero’s talented and well-loved art teacher will have students experiment with different art mediums, portraits and drawing perspective.

Literacy crafts by Mrs. Capollari

Mrs. Capollari has 12 years of experience teaching pre-k to 2nd grade, most of her years being in pre-k and kindergarten. She is offering a Literacy Crafts Class geared toward pre-k4 and kindergarten students. The focus will be the five story elements: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution as well as touching upon early reading skills. The students will create a simple craft or participate in a fun activity related to a book each week.

Cursive Handwriting by Amiri Allen

Help stimulate your child's brain with our new beginner cursive writing class. Psychology Today states the following benefits: Handwriting practice involves specific motor skills that are only engaged when writing by hand with a pen or pencil.

A new "handwriting and literacy learning" study shows that writing-by-hand practice promotes faster learning than non-motor writing practice. Cursive handwriting engages sensorimotor brain regions that are not activated by typewriting; this neural activity helps students learn better.

Amiri Allen has a BS in Business Administration and currently obtaining a Master's in Public Administration and certification in Grant Writing Work for the Port Authority of NY and NJ. She is also a Director of Events for Port Authority Women In Technology and a volunteer for Zion Cares Inc. Community Activist.

Expedition to the unknown: "History's Greatest Explorers" by Christopher Duncan

Take a journey to uncover the History of the World's Firsts. From Ferdinand Magellan's travels around the world to Marco Polo's unbelievable stories of the Silk Road to China. Come along with Mr. Duncan to uncover what motivated the world's greatest explorers. Vikings in North America before Columbus? You decide!

Discover discovery...with Mr. Duncan!

Meditation by Jazmin Johnson

This guided meditation experience is designed to impact breathing, relaxation, and healthy self-reflection. Students participate by quoting a positive affirmation to build confidence in themselves. This practice can also promote students to express how they feel and how to breathe through times of frustration. Join us Monday in the library with your yoga mats from 4-4:45 to make mindfulness matter.

Basic crochet by Mrs. Carafello

Come hang out and crochet! Learn the basics of crochet by making beginner-friendly projects from start to finish.

You will learn basic crochet including chain stitch, single crochet, and slip stitch. Projects available are a headband, scarf, potholder, dishcloth, bookmark, bow tie, and necklace or bracelet with beads. You choose your project(s) and work at your own pace. Projects can be brought home each week to work on.

Hindi by Vijal Kava

Vijal's Hindi Language class opens up the world of Indian roots and culture to our young minds. It is designed for children and adults who have little or no previous knowledge of Hindi. This fun Hindi language class enables children to interact, explore and learn with visual aids and objects. Children will learn to make day-to-day conversations while building common Hindi vocabulary as well as learning to read and write in Hindi.

Each class will familiarize the children with no more than 6 letters and will make sure they are thorough with what they have learned in the class. Start by telling your name and gradually with each lesson build your Hindi. Apart from learning Hindi Alphabet, I also teach kids Hindi Rhymes, our National Anthem, and the names of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, body parts, flowers, colors, etc. At the end of the semester, kids will be able to read, write, and speak basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations and sing the Anthem proudly.