Nimbus Grooves

Nimbus Grooves is an after-school program that introduces the basic format, vocabulary, and discipline involved in formal dance training. Instruction is offered in multiple dance styles, including ballet, modern dance, and hip hop, building students’ physical vocabulary and ability. Nimbus Teaching Artists will provide a supportive classroom environment that is creative, fun, and age-appropriate that engages students in the elements of dance. Participants are also engaged in a creation and rehearsal process, guided by a Nimbus teaching artist, to prepare a polished concert dance piece performed for parents and students at the program's culmination. 

Computer Programming by Alpha Minds

Coding with Scratch:  Game Design Beginners (grades 2-5)

Our Coding with Scratch course revolves around the user-friendly Scratch programming language developed at MIT, which utilizes color-coded blocks to engage young students. With approximately seven million users globally, Scratch is the leading choice for young programmers. In this class, students delve into object-oriented programming concepts, creating interactive projects with stackable code blocks. They will gain a coder's mindset as they learn to program their own stories, animations, and games. Mastering the intuitive interface of Scratch, students will discover the underlying significance of its friendly-looking blocks, which represent essential computer programming functions.

Coding with Javascript: Animation and Game Design (grades 6-8)

In our Coding with JavaScript course for Beginners, students will explore the world of programming by creating captivating animations and interactive art using a block-based JavaScript platform. They will master key coding concepts, including variables, conditions, and keyboard/mouse inputs, and will gain animation skills like mapping sprites on a grid, manipulating sprites, shapes, and incorporating sound commands. Throughout the semester, students will engage in exciting projects, such as designing a sticker interactive card, and culminate their learning journey with the creation of a captivating final animated/interactive scene!

Please see the more detailed description of these different levels on our website

Tennis by Frank Adinolfe

Our teacher is a former college player (Rutgers Newark HOF) & tennis pro for 20 years.

Learn fundamentals of tennis (e.g. proper grip, forehand, backhand, and volleys), and improve hand/eye coordination and agility. Students will participate in fun drills, challenges, and games to develop and improve their tennis skills.

Cooking by Bambino Chef

Magic in the Kitchen combines culinary adventures, learning activities and unlimited amounts of fun in one pot. Our secret ingredients are: cooking, exploring, learning, laughing and sharing. Learning how to cook is a great way for children to develop social and comprehensive skills, adopt healthy habits for life and indulge their creativity. Budding chefs will sharpen their concentration and leadership skills, build self-confidence and enhance their biggest and toothiest smiles.  

Art by Tony Nogueira

Cordero’s talented and well-loved art teacher will have students experiment with different art mediums, portraits and drawing perspective. 

Simple Sweets by Mrs. Capollari

Mrs. Capollari has 12 years of experience teaching pre-k to 2nd grade, most of her years being in pre-k and kindergarten.  She is offering a Simple Sweets Class geared toward pre-k4 and kindergarten students. 

Megha’s Dance Academy

Megha’s Dance Academy is based in Jersey city and has been offering Bollywood and Bharatnatyam dance classes for over 10 years and has taught more the 1,000 students. 

At MDA we believe if a child is introduced to dance at an early age it will develop a love for the art and a passion for rhythm and movement. It endures flexibility and develops strong muscles and technique. It is a wonderful activity for kids, capable of fostering a positive self-image in both girls and boys. Dance lessons can teach a child self-confidence, self-discipline, poise, and grace. Most importantly, dancing is a lot of fun!!!

Speranza Theatre

Speranza has been offering quality educational programming since 2012 including summer camps, after-school programming, in-school assemblies, virtual assemblies, and private classes/workshops. Our first private summer theatre program was held in 2012 and we began partnering with schools for summer camp in 2018. During the 2022-23 school year, Speranza taught 1000+ students (grades K-12) throughout four Hudson County Cities: Jersey City, Hoboken, Kearny & Bayonne.

Storybooks to Stage (for grades pre-K4-1): Children will bring stories to life! Each class we focus on a new book and create a corresponding craft to use as a prop. At the end of the class, children will be on their feet performing the story with their brand-new prop.

Improvisation & Acting (2-5): This class will help students think on their feet quickly, develop problem-solving skills, work collaboratively, and enhance their public speaking ability...all in a safe environment. Skills developed during improvisation classes are helpful at many stages of life - making new friends, class presentations, and college or job interviews. Even if students are shy, improvisation is a fun way to improve or learn new skills that will last a lifetime.

This class will focus on techniques for acting, including vocal work, physical work, and character development. Students can expect to work on monologues and play plenty of theatre games.

Chess by Alpha Minds

Our Chess for Beginners course offers an engaging and interactive introduction to the world of chess for kids. Through storytelling, games, and interactive activities, students will explore the basic history of chess, learn piece names, movement, and capture, understand good trades vs. bad trades, and grasp concepts like check, checkmate, stalemate, and castling. They will also be introduced to beginner-level openings and key principles of the game while developing essential skills such as patience, persistence, logic, and reasoning. Taught in an interactive and playful format, the classes combine board demonstrations with practical interaction, allowing young learners to have a fun and enriching chess experience.

Basic Sign Language by Mrs. Carafello

Sign language alphabet, signed English, for basic conversations . Signs learned will be used for games and signing songs. Brief coverage for reasons of deafness, mutism, and explanation of cochlear implant. 

Hindi by Vijal Kava

Vijal's Hindi Language class opens up the world of Indian roots and culture to our young minds.  It is designed for children and adults who have little or no previous knowledge of Hindi. This fun Hindi language class enables children to interact, explore and learn with visual aids and objects.  Children will learn to make day-to-day conversations while building common Hindi vocabulary as well as learning to read and write in Hindi.

Each class will familiarize the children with no more than 6 letters and will make sure they are thorough with what they have learned in the class.  Start by telling your name and gradually with each lesson build your Hindi. Apart from learning Hindi Alphabet, I also teach kids Hindi Rhymes, our National Anthem, and the names of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, body parts, flowers, colors, etc. At the end of the semester, kids will be able to read, write, and speak basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations and sing the Anthem proudly.

Elite Musicians

Exploring the basics of different instruments (such as piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, and cajon) while instilling movement, rhythm, and creative dance through musical exercises, created to build expressive minds and everyday motor skills. 45 MIN CLASS: RUN DOWN > 5 Min Greetings and Welcome song > 20 minutes of Music and Movement / Educational Songs » 5 Minutes of Musical Story Time > 10 minutes of Instrument of the Day > 3 minutes for last Large Movement Song » 2 minutes for sitting Small Movement Song / Goodbye Song. 

Bricks 4 Kidz- LEGO Engineering 

Our afterschool program provides Lego Engineering classes that explore architecture, engineering and technology. The class provides a fun, hands-on learning and building experience focused on STEM concepts.