NimbusDANCE & JC Nutcracker by Nimbus Dance Works

NimbusDANCE: A dance program designed for younger students, this series of after-school classes teaches students basic concepts of movement, music, and creative exploration, while introducing elements of Ballet and Modern Dance. The class provides a perfect orientation to dance as an art form within an environment that balances structure with creative exploration and play. Students will have the opportunity to perform in a produced recital performance at the at the culmination of the program, presented by Nimbus Dance Works.

Nimbus Spring Performance: In this class, students will learn choreography, rehearse and prepare for a performance in June at the brand-new Theater at the forthcoming Nimbus Arts Center at the Lively in Jersey City's Powerhouse Arts District. Through teamwork and creativity, students will have fun, create tight bonds with their classmates and feel proud of their hard work after performing at the end of the semester. Students are asked to attend one additional dress rehearsal the week of June 1 and will perform in Showcase performances June 5th and 6th.

Theater by Hope & Wonder

Hope & Wonder Theater classes focus on learning and literacy through the theater arts. Our goal is to engage children at an early age in the wonder of make believe and ultimately to lead them to develop as curious, verbally spontaneous, and empathetic human beings.

The theater class taught by Hope & Wonder Theater is designed for young children. The goal is for students to gain a deeper understanding of familiar stories by exploring favorite characters from classic folk tales such as Chicken Little and defining who they are, what they do, and how other characters relate to them. Utilizing story theater traditions, improv and theater games and with minimal props and sets, students discover how to create a character using their faces, bodies, and voices. The students experience the classic stories from the character's point of view; in every sense they get a chance to walk in another's shoes and have tremendous fun doing it!

Chess by AlphaMinds Academy

Our classes are taught in small groups, divided by skill level. Children are placed in a particular group based on his/her level. It is important that each child is placed into the right level group based on his/her level to allow them to benefit the most from our chess curriculum. Please see each level description below. If you are not sure which level your child should be placed, our chess coaches will assess your child during the first lesson and advise accordingly.

​In our classes, children master the basic rules and principles of chess; learn the full range of tactical skills (pins, forks, skewers, etc); are introduced to opening, middle, and endgame theory; become capable of in-depth analysis of their own and others’ games; get familiar with chess notation; and most importantly, they acquire the love and appreciation for the game of Chess for ife!

Chess for Young Beginners

Our chess classes for young beginners introduce children to the world of chess through story telling, games and interactive activities. Children learn piece names, movement and capture, as well as basic chess strategies. Equally important, children learn such critical skills as patience, persistence, logic and reasoning skills.

This course is designed to teach chess to children who have none or limited prior knowledge of the game. Students are introduced to the basic history of chess and learn pieces names, value,movement, and capture, good trades vs. bad trades, as well as board notation and setup. The concepts of check, checkmate, stalemate and castling will follow. Finally, they will briefly learn central control and development, and two checkmates. Classes for younger students are taught in an interactive and playful form. Students use chess equipment in each class. Part of the class is board demonstrations and part practical interaction.

Chess Intermediate/Advance

This level is great for kids who have solid to complete understanding of the rules of the game and are ready for the next challenge. This class reviews the pieces and their movements, but goes into further detail on their values (depending on a given position, situation, etc.). It covers check and checkmate, introduces en passant, explains the rules of stalemates and draws, introduces tactics, and includes a small amount of theory surrounding openings, middle, and endgames.

AlphaMinds Academy is a registered chess club with the United States Chess Federation

Yoga by Mindful Play Yoga

New Vendor! Jamie Wilson-Murray yoga instructor and creator of Mindful Play Yoga is known for her insight, patience and ability to connect with each child by engaging them mindfully through play and yoga.

Each yoga class has a mantra (theme): Kindness Begins With Me, Peace Begins With Me, I Am So Strong, I Am So Brave, I Can Slow Down and I Am So Awesome. Playing with mantra’s help keep kids focus as they learn yoga poses and breathing techniques in class. Jamie’s passion is to share yoga with kids by offering them the tools to feel grounded, balanced, strong, flexible and learn body awareness to self-regulate emotions. Mindful Play Yoga is committed to inspiring children ages 3 to 15 and families to be curious and become lifelong learners. Life is playfulness.

Mindful Play Yoga is proud of the community partnerships with: Hudson County Community College, Goldman Sachs City of Trees Project, Three Little Birds, Jersey City Public Schools after school yoga at: PS3, PS5, PS37 Cordero, Three Little Birds, Jersey City Free Public Library and The Institute of Music for Children - Summer Camp in Elizabeth, NJ.

Learn more about Mindful Play Yoga:

Woodshop by KidBilt

​In this class students will be supervised to work with real tools such as hammers, screw drivers, sanding blocks and hand drills to build projects out of wood. Students will learn basic woodworking process and construction skills. During the class kids explore the fundamental concepts of math, geometry, engineering and use spacial reasoning while working with their hands . We will build real size functional projects such as bird feeders, small furniture pieces, artistic sculptures with moving parts and more. Each project will be planned out, measured and built over a course of 2 or 3 classes. Fall 2019 curriculum!

Computer Programming (Scratch)- Introductory and Intermediate/Advance by Alpha Minds Academy

Students who took our Beginners course for a full year (2 sessions) and those with prior experience with Scratch should enroll into Intermediate/Advance

Beginner: In this class, students ease into object-oriented programming concepts with Scratch, creating stories and interactive adventures with stackable code blocks. Students master the intuitive user interface of Scratch and learn the functions of the most important blocks, which beneath their friendly appearance represent important computer programming functions. Kids think creatively and learn how to program their own stories, games, and animations as well as how to share their creations on the web. The students use Scratch to animate a character, tell a story, write a song, or even design a simple video. Please note that this class is a direct continuation of the Fall term class, only students that were enrolled in the Part 1 class this fall should enroll in this class.

Intermediate/Advanced: This level goes beyond teaching more basic/core Scratch functionality, and moves on to teaching students more advanced commands, how to create custom commands, as well as the principles of object-oriented programming. As the course progresses, students start working on the independent projects, which allows them to learn all stages of coding from Idea, Planning and Design to Implementation and Testing.

Please see the more detailed description of these different levels on our website

Shehnaaz Dance Academy

Shehnaaz Dance Academy is a staple for Bollywood and Indian Fusion Dance for children and adults in Jersey City since 2012. Our students have performed at numerous local events, International talent shows, NYC parades as well as private events. We take pride in organizing a recital at the end of each semester for all our students. Our bi-annual Recitals give our students an opportunity to showcase their hard work and talent as well as giving them the confidence and exposure to hold their own in front of huge audiences.

For Spring 2020, the cost includes: 10 sessions, show costume, show participation, and one dress rehearsal at the venue. Students will be offered an opportunity to perform in end of term recital tentatively scheduled for May 16. Parents will be advised of ticket prices for the recital by the instructor.

Kinder - 5th Grade: Geared towards teaching the students more complex steps, this class introduces our students to Indian folk dance styles. We will also expose our students to hip hop, jazz and salsa styles of dances set to the Bollywood Beats. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, coordination, and active learning. This class helps the students get a taste of stage shows and build their confidence. Our past students have performed not only at our company recitals but also at other local events.

YouTube Channel: Shehnaaz Dance Academy


Tennis Approach

Coach Jim and staff use the latest USTA endorsed 10 and under QuickStart format. This format involves shorter courts, appropriately sized equipment, and a variety of new age-appropriate teaching methods by which movement and hand-eye coordination are introduced. Tennis Approach values game play as kids learn to develop the skills to rally.

Soccer by HappyFeet

New vendor!

The HappyFeet curriculum uses familiar songs, stories, and fun games to introduce soccer to young children. Our unique curriculum triggers your child's imagination by taking their soccer ball, Bob the Bobcat, on adventures to the zoo, the movies, and even an enchanted castle! Our philosophy and curriculum encourages children to tame their bobcat with their learned deceptive dribbling and ball striking skills.

By developing these skills through our "story time with a soccer ball" curriculum and in a fun and non-competitive environment your little soccer star will be empowered to learn some of the most challenging deceptive dribbling skills in soccer...fearlessly.

Cooking by Bambino Chef

Magic in the Kitchen combines culinary adventures, learning activities and unlimited amounts of fun in one pot. Our secret ingredients are: cooking, exploring, learning, laughing and sharing. Learning how to cook is a great way for children to develop social and comprehensive skills, adopt healthy habits for life and indulge their creativity. Budding chefs will sharpen their concentration and leadership skills, build self-confidence and enhance their biggest and toothiest smiles.

Art by Tony Nogueira

Cordero’s talented and well-loved art teacher will have students experiment with different art mediums, portraits and drawing perspective.

LEGO by Bricks 4 Kidz

Bricks 4 Kidz classes with LEGO® Bricks programs are built around our proprietary model plans, designed by engineers and architects. Our specially designed project kits and theme-based models provide the building blocks for the Bricks 4 Kidz approach to educational play. In this class, students are provided a LEGO® kit and instruction pages to build new models every week including motorized projects!

Students build a new project each week using LEGO® bricks and elements. The goal of this course is to provide a learning experience for children that encourages critical thinking, creativity, organizational skills, problem-solving, and teamwork.

The children will start building more challenging project as they get more familiar with the process.

Engineering and Science Experiments with Ms. Szabo

Students will be introduced to science in a fun way. A wide range of experiments are conducted that ties into a specific engineering field, thus peaking interest into these fields for later study. This is a hands on class with no screen devices. Each student will receive a notebook and will record their experiments, just like real scientists, and this book fill be sent home end of semester. Class price includes all materials.

  • Spring 2020 will discuss new engineering concepts and conduct all new experiments (no repeats to any previous classes!) to introduce participants to the 4 basic engineering fields: chemical, electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. This Spring we will grow crystals 3-ways and examine them under a microscope; build pulleys and talk about force; explore lenses and optics; build a hovercraft and talk about movement; understand pressure as a force over area and as atmospheric pressure; build a seismograph and test for quakes. Many take home results, and a surprise gift-making class for the last class, as always!

About the Instructor: Ms. Szabo holds a Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from CCNY of CUNY and a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering from Columbia University. She has 10 years of Structural Design experience working on transportation structures in New York City.

Hindi by Vishal Kava

Vijal's Hindi Language class opens up the world of Indian roots and culture to our young minds. It is designed for children and adults who have little or no previous knowledge of Hindi.

This fun Hindi language class enables children to interact, explore and learn with visual aids and objects. Children will learn to make day-to-day conversations while building common Hindi vocabulary as well as learning to read and write in Hindi.

Each class will familiarize the children with no more than 6 letters and will make sure they are thorough with what they have learned in the class. Start from telling your name and gradually with each lesson build your Hindi. Apart from learning Hindi Alphabets, I also teach kids Hindi Rhymes, our National Anthem, and the names of fruits, vegetables, animals, birds, body parts, flowers, colors, etc. At the end of the semester, kids will be able to read, write, and speak basic Hindi and take part in simple conversations and sing the Anthem proudly.

The class is divided into (1) kids with no previous knowledge of Hindi and (2) kids with little knowledge (such as already knowing the Hindi Alphabets but do not know Matra's and how to form simple words and sentences).