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Guidelines for Classroom Parent Assistants 

Why Do We Need Classroom Assistants?

Classroom Parent Assistants are an essential part of the Enrichment Program. In this role, you are responsible for bringing the children safely to and from their classes and supporting the instructors as needed. If you can't make it to your commitment for any reason, you must contact the PTA Onsite Coordinator and arrange for a substitute. The more notice you give, the better. If you can arrange your own sub and inform us of who this will be, even better. In case of an emergency, please email as soon as possible to let someone know you won't be there.

Below represents the clear commitment you are making to help us safely facilitate the Enrichment Program:

I understand that if I sign up to be a classroom parent assistant, I will attend the dance classes, coding classes, hindi classes (as those are external vendors) or find a sub and inform the Onsite Program Coordinator. 

Directions for Classroom Parent Assistants are outlined below:

3:00 p.m. Classroom Parent Assistants:

4:00 pm Classroom Parent Assistants: