Cordero PS37 PTA Enrichment Program

Special Note Regarding the Spring 2020 Session:

We recognize the impact this pandemic has on the entire school community, and we join you in the struggle! The enrichment team and PS 37 PTA wanted to share some information on how we will proceed for the rest of the term.

We are all at home for an extended time and looking for extra activities for our children to do - some of our vendors are hard at work coming up with online offerings for their enrichment classes. While not all classes lend themselves to an online format, we hope to continue as many enrichment classes as possible in this format. Information on online classes will be distributed directly by the vendors to the students enrolled in those classes soon.

In regards to payments and refunds, all vendors have already been paid for the term, and as parents and small businesses who depend on this income, we aim to continue to support them so that they can provide this service to our students year after year. Enrichment vendors care about our students and are actively seeking ways to virtually educate and enrich them. We will not be issuing refunds for the spring enrichment program. That said, we understand that some families have unique situations, and we want to support you as well. If you absolutely need a refund, or conversely if you can generously give a little extra to help balance out, please reach out with any questions or concerns to, we will do our best.


The Enrichment Program offers after school classes to students in PreK 3 to 5th grades during Fall and Spring sessions for a fee per class. The cost incurred for taking these classes are the responsibility of the parents/guardians. Limited scholarships are available for families in need. All classes are held at the school after the end of the school day. The Enrichment Program is 100% organized, led, and managed by parent volunteers!

Space in each classes is limited, therefore prompt registration is recommended when the registration link is made available. Given the limited number of spaces available for PreK 4 and Kindergarten grades, students are limited to 2 classes a week.

Payment is made at the time of registration and full payment required to confirm class enrollment. Payment is made with a credit card online or with a check or money order made to "Cordero PS37 PTA" (no cash). Remember: Once you register and pay, there is NO changing, transferring or dropping classes! Please see the Program Rules and Agreement for details.

Please do not register your child for 3pm and 4pm classes in the same day.

Term Length

There are two sessions a year:

  • Fall Session occurs October through December;
  • Spring Session occurs February through May.

There are approximately 9 to 11 weeks of Enrichment classes depending on school calendar. No Enrichment classes on early release days, days off from school, report card evenings when there is no CASPER, and any other emergency school closings such as weather related. Class prices are pro-rated accordingly per the number of times a class meets.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Participation of Enrichment requires the registering parent or guardian to obtain PTA membership. Sign up for your PTA membership here: Cordero PTA Membership .
  • Registration also requires agreeing to the Participation Rules and Policies Agreement and Waivers to participate in the Enrichment Program. These will be agreed upon during the registration process.


Each vendor charges their own costs for instruction. The PTA Enrichment Committee adds two fees to the cost of parent registration:

  • $13.00 fee for each class registration. This fee assessed by the PTA Enrichment Committee covers the administrative costs of the registration system, online payments, stipends for the in-classroom parent assistants and to subsidize a limited number of scholarships for students who otherwise could not attend Enrichment classes. In previous years a similar fee was wrapped into the class prices.
  • $20 fee per child. This funds the onsite coordinators and program coordinator roles to operate the Program on a day-to-day basis.

The PTA Enrichment Committee Chair and members are volunteers and do not receive any payments or subsidies. If there is any surplus from Enrichment fees, it remains in PTA's account for future programming.

Help Wanted: Classroom Parent Assistants

The Enrichment Program is led and organized by parent volunteers with the strong support of teachers and the administration. However, we need parent assistants in many of the classrooms for a smooth operation of the classes. A $100 monetary stipend is awarded at the end of the term to parents who assist in the classroom. This payment requires commitment to attend and assist in the assigned classroom for the full term (10 or 11 classes, depending on class), or otherwise arranging for a substitute within guidelines. (Please note: All PreK 3 classes require a parent or guardian present for each child for the duration of the class).

Please see Classroom Parent Assistants' Guidelines for more details on the parent assistant responsibilities. Unfortunately if we do not have enough assistants, we may need to cancel the classes or reduce the size of the Enrichment Program. Please contact if you are interested in becoming a classroom assistant. We thank you in advance!

Questions: Contact the PTA Enrichment Committee at

Parent Survey Responses from 2019

Overwhelming number of parent commented that classes fill up too fast.

Enrichment Team response:

  • Our volunteer Enrichment team is at management capacity with 30 classes a week
  • Instructors are at maximum enrollment capacity to safely manage the children in a class
  • Soccer and Tennis classes are limited by the availability of the gym which is reserved by other afterschool programs on a daily basis.

Therefore, starting Fall 2019, enrollment is limited to two classes a week for PreK 4 and Kindergarten students. If these classes do not fill up during registration, then a second round of enrollment will be announced.

Additional parent survey comments requested more insight from vendors on the children's instruction.

Enrichment Team response: an Enrichment Team volunteer will be working with vendors to receive more detailed information to communicate back to parents, such as: objectives, expectations of skills learned, written information on lessons taught, an update half-way through the class of what was learned/what is to come, and a final performance for dance and Theater that is open for parents.

Remember: Parents can always reach out to the vendors directly throughout the year to ask questions.

Upcoming Dates

January 29 8pm - January 31

Spring Registration

February 18 - May 8

Enrichment classes in session

Spring 2019 Enrichment Program Statistics

144 students were enrolled in Cordero PS37 Enrichment Program

328 students were enrolled in classes each week (some students take several classes a week)

30 classes were offered a week

20 scholarships were funded by parent support for students in need

13 classroom parent assistants

5 parent volunteers operated and managed the Enrichment Program

2 onsite coordinators were present daily to operate the Program on-the-ground