Open chair position: To ensure we are continually able to provide this to our school, we need YOUR HELP!!! If you are interested in chairing and/or you have a program that you would like to run then please email us at

Here are some ideas from the past:

6/10/22 FAMILY MAKER NIGHT:  Inspiration Ad Astra

Buckle in and join us, this Friday, for the epic journey, the infinite quest, and the ultimate finale in 

"Inspiration Ad Astra", a Family Maker Night in the park.  Ages 3-103.

9/15/21:  New Year, New Theme:  INSPIRATION

Last year's theme was "PERSEVERANCE", a nod to NASA's rover to Mars, and the relentless endurance we all faced with the unprecedented pandemic.  

This year, we continue the mission into space with INSPIRATION!  An homage to Space X's all-civilian crew who journeyed to the International Space Station, leaving all to wonder, with great will and INSPIRATION nothing is impossible.

Dr. HAB (high altitude balloon) in action!  She's halfway to an apogee of 53,000 feet and shares with us this photo of Manhattan, Central Park, and Hudson River (right), and the Far Rockaways and the Atlantic Ocean (left) !!!  VIDEO

Soaring higher than commercial planes, CORDERO PS#37 soared above the Hudson River at an apogee of 53,000 feet to catch a glimpse of the earth's curvature and SPACE!!!  VIDEO

Predicted flight path:  fly easterly over the Hudson River, and back west to land in Saddle Brook, NJ   VIDEO

Actual flight path:  flew over Hudson River, but fell short into Bronx, NY  VIDEO

3/21/21:  Cordero Space Balloon

Let's do it, let's send Cordero into space!    Via a high altitude balloon (HAB), aka, a weather balloon.

We too shall 'dare mighty things', and follow the footsteps of Perseverance, if only for the first 80,000 feet.

How, what, when, where???  Sign up and/or ask your questions here, and engage in Cordero's biggest endeavor yet!

(photo courtesy of


"DARE MIGHTY THINGS", encoded in Perseverance's parachute in binary code, are the words of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).  A slogan for all future scientists to live by.

2/18/21 Perseverance Landing

Tune in live, today, (, and join NASA and the world on the nail-biting experience of the “7-minutes of terror” as Perseverance enters into Mar's atmosphere and performs a series of precise acrobatic sequences to safely touch down onto the Martian surface!

[2:15 p.m.—Live coverage leading up to the rover's landing at ~3:55 p.m.]

2/17/21 FAMILY ASTRO NIGHT:  Countdown to Perseverance Landing

Join us TONIGHT for an astronomy night in the park, as we gather to look to the skies and celebrate the near completion of Perseverance’s 7+ months journey to Mars.  Weather cooperating, we’ll set out telescopes to look at the crescent moon, and have light activities for a socially distant gathering to ring in the landing of Perseverance.

Hamilton Park, 2/17, 5-7pm.


Join PTA STEAM Committee on Oct.14th and explore "Mars at Opposition", a moment when Earth and Mars are closest in orbital proximity to one another. View Mars at its biggest and brightest, and ready yourselves to take the shortest route to this red neighboring planet. 

Oppositions of Mars happen about every 26 months. That makes sense because Earth takes a year to orbit the sun, and Mars takes about two years.  However, due to an off-centered and elliptical orbital path, extra-close opposition happens every 15-17 years.  So if you miss this event, you can catch it again in...2035!  Read more about it.

New Year, New Theme:  PERSEVERANCE

Last year's theme was "SPACE", where we boldly set our vision to explore beyond the realms of Earth.  We executed "Into the Human-verse", "Rise of Artemis", supported the Cor-bots, and initiated Team Artemis, Cordero's first rocket club.

This year, we continue the mission into space with Perseverance!  An homage to NASA's latest rover sent to Mars, as well as an homage to everyone's talented endurance of the difficult times we're all challenged with during this unprecedented pandemic.  For the love of science, we will pave on, we will endure, we will overcome, and we will persevere!  Join us, this year, on our journey through PERSEVERANCE.

Small Steps Towards A Giant Leap

A look back at all the humble and fun steps we've made during our Family Maker Nights.

Mar '20: Rise of Artemis

Oct '20: Into the Human-verse

Mar '19:  MAKE The Force Be With You

Feb '19:  Top Secret: The Science Behind The Spy

Feb '19: Math Makes Science

Nov '18: The Big Bang

The Rocket Experience with Team Artemis

Cordero PS#37 doing various rocket test launches and debuts the school's first rocket club, Team Artemis! 

3/6/20 FAMILY MAKER NIGHT:  Rise of Artemis

The dawning of a new rise has begun!  "Rise of Artemis" highlights Cordero's (and Jersey City's) first ever rocket club, Artemis, as well as pay homage to NASA's Artemis program, a "first woman, next man on the moon" follow-up program from Apollo that was 50 years in the waiting and simply 50 years too long. 

Grant Win!  Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) Grant!

News blast, literally!  Cordero PTA won a $2,500 grant to compete in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC).  TARC is a nationally renowned rocket building competition organized by the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) allowing middle school students to design, build, and launch competitive rockets.  Cordero's middle school science teacher, Mr. Baker, will coach a pioneering team of rocketeers, named "Artemis", to take Cordero to new heights. To infinity and beyond!

12/8/19:  Cordero Robotics Club

The robotics team at the district's LEGO First Competition.

Congratulations to Cordero's Middle School Robotics Club for winning the Inspiration Award at the district's Lego First Competition held at MS 7. Additionally, based on their teamwork performance, robotic design, research and innovative solutions, they earned one of the overall top positions and were selected to advance into the State Competition! 

Extra thanks to our coach, Mr. Baker!

12/8/19:  Meet this Year's Robotics Team, the CorBots.

Cordero's Middle School Robotics Club.  (Not pictured:  Dylan McGowan, 5th grade)

10/11/19 FAMILY MAKER NIGHT:  Into the Human-verse

Join PTA STEAM Committee for a Family Maker Night in the park as we partner with HPNA in , "Into the Human-verse" to (re)discover the hidden beauties, secrets, and laws of our mysterious world and universe.  Then stick around for a movie in the park, "Spiderman, Into the Spiderverse".  For ages 3-103.

Camera on a Rocket!

Strap yourself into the cockpit of a model rocket and experience 2.5 seconds of tumultuous ascent!

9/2/19:  Pre-mission test launch.  All systems check during a camera mounted test launch in Hamilton Park.  See video.

"This is Mission Control"

"You have go for launch."  See video

Cordero Rockets!

Preparing for that giant leap one small step at a time!

Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing with a viewing of the moon at the Apollo 11 landing site.  Build a rocket, and compete in our very own space race!

7/31/19:  Another astro-space experience to retell the greatest Space Race story ever had.

7/10/19:  Moon viewing and rocket launching at Hamilton Park's Farmer Market.

Big thanks to Hamilton Park Neighborhood Assoc (HPNA) for their support!

Apollo, this is Jersey, do you read?

Honing in on the Apollo 11 moon landing site.

Anderson Teacher Science Grant

Help us help Cordero's teachers to "expand the universe".  Donate here!

Parents of Class 103 (2018) started the Anderson Teacher Science Grant to honor Ms. Anderson’s retirement and her 43 years of service.  The grant is awarded to teachers to help fund their science classroom projects and promote the love of science, just as Mrs. Anderson did in and out of her classroom.   See also the chick-cam projects below.  Please consider making a donation here.

Return of the chick cam:  Ms. McTaggart's Class

5/23/19:  Return of the chick-cam!  The wonderful experience of chick hatching have migrated from Ms. Ores's class (Pk4) to Ms. McTaggart's class (Pk3).  Eggs have been hatching yesterday and this morning.  Check out the latest live video link here, and witness the live hatching now!  Scroll back to earlier this morning and see the first beak breaking through.

WINNER!  Lowe's Toolbox Grant

5/16/19:  Cordero nails it right on the head and wins $5000 from the Lowe's Toolbox Grant.  The grant money will be applied to scaling up our Maker events and our Makerspace.

Ms. Ores' Chick-cam

4/16/19:  Friends, family, students, and teachers tuned into the live chick-cam to witness the first baby steps of the chicks that hatched in Ms. Ores' Class (Rm 105, Pk4).  Re-live the cuteness here:  videos from the chick-cam.

Family Maker Nights

From rockets to robots, there's a bit of everything for everyone to make, break, create, and innovate at Cordero!  Check out all of the science excitement at our Family Maker Nights!  

3/22/19:  In a galaxy not so far far away.....Cordero celebrated NJ Makers Day with guest appearances by Luna de Papel and Mathnasiumvideo / photos

2/14/19:  Make builds and decode the secrets behind the spy.

2/1/19:  Partnering with Mathnasium, make builds that offers an exciting hands-on interactive experience that'll make you say, "cool, math made it possible!" 

11/16/18:  Make builds under $2 that will make you say “wow”, “cool”, “how’d you do that?”

Announcing Cordero's Makerspace!

Proud to announce Cordero's Makerspace, a brainstorming haven for our future makers, breakers, hackers, smashers, thinkers, tinkerers, inventors, and creators!

Demonstrating the EV3 from the Robotics Club.

Demonstrating the 3D printer.

Cordero's Makers