Learn more about the available office positions up for election in June 2022: President, Vice President, and Recording Secretary. Interested in running or know someone who would be? Email or fill out the form!


Your PTA members look to you for leadership in creating partnerships within your community and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected. Responsibilities include:

  • Chairing board and general meetings
  • Overseeing fiscal compliance
  • Serving as a liaison with school administration or community partners
  • Checking in regularly with officers and committees to ensure the overall plan is on target
  • Identifying challenges and inviting solutions
  • Familiarizing yourself with all PTA programs and resources
  • Representing PTA to the community
  • Recruiting and mentoring volunteers and future leaders
  • Volunteering at events, when available

Great presidents often have leadership, planning and public speaking skills and experience.

Vice President

A vice president may be called upon at any time to assume the role of president, temporarily or until the position is filled in accordance with your bylaws. Responsibilities include:

  • Implementing duties delegated by the president

  • Representing the president in his or her absence

  • Performing specific duties as provided for in the bylaws

  • Familiarizing yourself with all PTA programs and resources

  • Preparing for leadership by attending additional training opportunities and events that may be offered by your council, region, state or National PTA

Great vice presidents often learn or possess leadership, planning and public speaking skills.

Recording Secretary

You will serve your PTA by keeping an accurate record of meetings, which become part of the permanent history of the PTA. Great secretaries often have prior volunteer and/or meeting experience and are enthusiastic about PTA.

A PTA Secretary’s Responsibilities

#1: Gather and Maintain Essential Documentation.

There are several items you'll want to put your hands on right away to be sure important records aren't lost in the transition. Collaborate with your PTA president and past officers to gather these records.Records to gather include:

  • Your PTA Bylaws (and any accompanying standing rules) to find important information about how finances are to be handled and how funds are to be disbursed.

  • PTA Procedure Book or "Board Book". Whether it is an electronic file, a cardboard box full of papers, or a binder thick with documents, get up to speed on what has happened in the past.

#2: Organize and Record Meetings.

Ensure that meetings are efficient by providing written communication with your PTA members and board. These responsibilities include:

  • Working with the president to create an agenda

  • Sending out meeting announcements, agendas and supporting documents

  • Taking attendance and checking for quorum (minimum number of members who must be present to conduct business at a meeting) during voting

  • Taking minutes, including counting and recording any votes

  • Presenting the draft minutes of the previous meeting, making any corrections and ensuring approved minutes are included in your PTA's permanent record