Class Parents

The primary goal of class parents is make every family at Cordero PS 37 School feel connected to our community. The role of the class parent is to support and build community within the classroom as well as to serve as a communication liaison between the classroom families, the classroom teacher(s), and the Parent and Teachers Association (PTA). Serving as a class parent is an excellent opportunity to connect to your child’s class and to be involved in both the classroom and student/family community. Ideally we would need two class parents per homeroom: one to serve as the main class parent and a backup/alternate. Class Parents must be current PTA members in good standing.

Responsibilities of the Class Parent Include:

  1. Internal Class Directory: The purpose of the internal class directory, which usually includes email and/or phone contact information for all class families (teachers, parents and students), is to facilitate communications between the teacher and/or PTA and class families. This internal directory is separate from the school’s records. All class families should provide some form of contact information for the internal directory. Sample of English/Spanish letter (editable doc)

  2. Regular Communication: Send a regular communication (such as weekly emails, Whatsapp messages) to keep parents informed of the activities happening at the school and within the class. Check in regularly with the teacher to make sure you have the latest information to share with other families.

  3. PTA Meetings: Class parents should attend the PTA meetings and follow PTA on social media or the e-blast to keep informed on school/class happenings so that they can relay such information to class families.

  4. Classroom Events/Communications: Class parents will need to coordinate with the classroom teacher(s) to determine the need for specific in-classroom activities and/or communications, including:

    • Assisting with classroom/curriculum-driven events, such as celebrations (e.g. coordinating food);

    • Publicizing/assisting with grade-specific projects, events, and trips;

    • Coordinating events that may occur during the holidays and/or end of the year;

    • Soliciting volunteers for events/identifying skills among our families;

    • Assisting with classroom activities and community in any other way.