PreK overflow to PS 22, Webb Elementary

What should my child wear for PS 22? PS 22's uniform consist of a yellow shirt and navy bottom (pants, skirts, skorts). There is no school emblem or logo. Students should wear those colors as long as they are attending PS 22. Sneakers are the recommended footwear as students go outside or do gross motor activities in class every day.

Where do I report the first day? If you plan to take the bus for the year you should meet at Cordero. The bus picks up on the 9th St side and there will be several teachers to guide you there. One parent is able to ride the bus with the child that first day (and first day only). If you are not planning on bussing, you can go directly to PS 22. Once there, the teachers there will guide you and your child. Report time is 8:30am. Please note: parents who ride the bus with their child the first day should arrange their own transportation back home (the school does not provide buses for parents).

What we should bring to school? Students should bring a change of clothes and a crib sheet or blanket for their cot in addition to their backpacks.

Where do I go for Morning Stars? Morning Stars will be held at PS 22, regardless if your child rides the bus or not. Please bring your child directly to PS22 at 7:30am. Bussing is not available for Morning Stars.

Where does my child attend CASPER? CASPER will be held at Cordero. If your child rides the bus, teacher aides will meet the children at school after the bus arrives to take them to their CASPER classrooms.

When does the bus pick up and drop off? Pick up time at Cordero is 8:00am, at the 9th St school entrance. In the afternoon, students begin loading buses at PS 22 at 2:20pm. Arrival time back to Cordero will vary depending on traffic, generally 20 minutes. For the first week, buses may take longer to get back as students generally need more help learning the bus routine; please don't panic if the buses take longer to arrive!

Who do I contact if the bus is late? Contact the district's transportation office, (201) 309-2961. Please note that the schools are not responsible for the bus schedules and are unable to provide any information regarding bus arrival times.

Attendance is VERY important. There is much that is covered and learned in the early years! Attendance shows children how important school is to everyone. As per Early Childhood Policy, if a student is out 9 consecutive days they will be dropped from the roster. That does not effect excused absences due to illness; extended vacations are unexcused.

Does PS 22 have a Facebook page? Yes, here -

And a personal welcome from Principal Dr. Anderson: "We look forward to having PS 37 family join our family for a wonderful school year."